True Love

True Love of Eman

True love of Eman, is a story of Eman’s life. Her one sided two conversations with two different men, in the start and at the end of most important four years in her life are capable of revealing her life. What she found at the end of her journey, she term it as her true love….


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Video Poetry by Mutafariq Khayalat

Video Poetry based on urdu and english language poetry. Directed by mutafariq khayalat.com

Sukhay Pattay

Sukhay Pattay (Dried Leaves) is a Video Poetry based on a poem by Fatima Bukhari, its an urdu language poem about similarities between dried leaves and dishearten person life cycle. How a leave feels when it falls from the love lap of tree and fell on ground first time, just like a human being. When a person drops from the eyes of his beloved for the first time in life. This shows a tremendous grief similarities when a person fell down oN ground first time from the lap of his beloved. This poem also states how a leave feels when someone crushes it under feet, and how a person feels when someone crush him.

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human fight

The Story of Human Fight

The story of human fight is a poem that narrates human fight story over the human history. In the name of regions, sometime human fight in the name religion

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Brooks Statement Response

Brooks went on to claim that violence is inherent in Islam, and thus a small number of terrorists accurately represent the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. “This is not radical Islam. This is fundamentalist Islam,” he said. “I think you can make a very compelling argument that these terrorists are doing exactly what the Quran tells them to do.” 

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Life problems , why are these in my life?

Life Problems, Why are these in my life?

Life problems are the part and parcel of our life. Life problems are from our God / creator/ Allah.  Why the God Almighty puts us in different types of life problems? Later how our life shows the result of these life problems?

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Goal for this week ????
Planning to write something in length. I don’t know what that would be. May be a fiction or a narrative. Might be in Urdu language this time.
My goal is to write min 300 words per day for a week.

Let’s  see what is achieved till next Monday.